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3155 Commonwealth Avenue West. Singapore 129588

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The food at this establishment has a decent quality. The snack platter consists of onion rings, nuggets, and fries. The onion rings are basic but tasty, while the nuggets have a crispy skin.

The fries are well-done with a good texture and crunch. The fish and chips also include onion rings and fries, with the fish being crispy and fresh-tasting, although slightly bland. The tartar sauce adds flavor to the dish.

The overall experience is pleasant, with a friendly and helpful staff. The chicken rice is highly praised for its flavorful rice and juicy and tender chicken with crispy skin.
Food Rating
Good (Worth Trying)
The food at this restaurant is generally good and healthy, with convenient options to choose from. Customers appreciate the variety of ingredients and the ability to customize their meals. The prices are student-friendly and the portions are filling for one person.

Some customers have had minor issues with certain dishes being dry or with the portion size at certain branches, but overall the food is enjoyed by most customers. The staff is friendly and helpful in assisting with orders.
Food Rating
Good (Worth Trying)
The food at this restaurant is fast and yummy. Customers have overall good experiences with the food and find it reliable and tasty. The staff are also praised for their friendliness and good service.

Food Rating
Good (Worth Trying)
The food at Swensen's has received mixed reviews from customers. Some customers were not satisfied with the quality and temperature of certain dishes, and felt that the overall food and service experience could be improved. However, other customers appreciated the friendly and helpful staff, and found the portion sizes to be generous.

While some mentioned that certain dishes were on the salty side, others were disappointed with the taste and quality of the food.
Food Rating
Average (Can Try)
The food at this restaurant has a variety of dishes to choose from. The teriyaki salmon dish was decent, although some customers felt that the sauce could be provided separately. The mushroom soup was unfortunately cold and the Caesar salad was not up to standard, consisting of few pieces of lettuce and bread crumbs.

However, the fusion dish with a coconut base was tasty. Despite some issues with the food, the service was satisfactory. The staff was helpful and accommodated requests.

However, the tables were close together, which affected privacy. Overall, the food is considered average for the price.
Food Rating
Ok (Can Eat)
The food at this Wingstop location has received mixed reviews. Some customers have expressed disappointment with missing items or issues with the order, while others have enjoyed the flavors and taste of the food. There have been mentions of lacking cheese and sauce on certain orders, but positive remarks have been made about the flavorful and tender chicken and tasty mushroom side.

Although some customers have experienced poor service and had to wait longer for their orders, there have also been instances where the staff was described as friendly.
Food Rating
Ok (Can Eat)

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