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The food at this restaurant is absolutely delicious. The grilled pork belly and salmon sets are cooked to perfection, with the meat being tender and flavorful. The soup is also a highlight, with generous portions of ingredients.

The rice and sides complement the grilled meat perfectly, and the taste is just too good to resist. The menu offers a variety of options, including grilled squid and yakitori, all of which are equally delicious. Overall, the food is satisfying and enjoyable, and it is definitely a great choice for a comforting and homely meal.

Food Rating
Great (Must Try)
The food at Miraku is exceptionally fresh and of high quality. The sushi and sashimi are particularly impressive, and the variety of courses in the omakase menu ensures a satisfying dining experience. The staff and chef provide excellent customer service, making each visit welcoming and enjoyable.

Overall, Miraku is a great choice for a special occasion or a affordable dinner omakase.
Food Rating
Great (Must Try)
The food at this izakaya is highly praised by customers. The skewers are described as moist, tender, and succulent, with larger portions compared to other Japanese restaurants in Singapore. The potato salad is also highly recommended.

Customers also rave about the bar snacks, describing them as tasty. The dishes are described as unique, beautifully cooked, and surprising. The food is consistently amazing, with fresh seasonal ingredients and impeccable presentation.

Overall, the food at this izakaya receives high praise and is a must-try.
Food Rating
Good (Worth Trying)
The food at this soba restaurant is highly praised by customers. The broth is clean and flavorful, with the right amount of umami. The serving size is satisfying and the variety of sides and toppings is good.

Customers enjoy the natto tsutsumi, hot chicken cutlet soba, cold soba with tempura, mackerel, veggie tempura, half boiled egg, prawn tempura, and spinach in yuzu sauce. The soba noodles are freshly handmade and have a perfect al dente texture. The ramen egg is described as a must-have add-on.

The tempura is crispy and delicious, and the spinach complements the soba well. The price is considered reasonable and the self-service system adds convenience. Despite the small portions mentioned by some reviewers, the food is still highly enjoyable and offers good value for money.

Overall, the food at this soba restaurant is simple, delicious, and satisfying.
Food Rating
Good (Worth Trying)
The food at this restaurant is described as good, with a standard selection of dishes. Despite some issues with the service, the food is still served promptly. The atmosphere is also mentioned as being lovely.

The izakaya food at this establishment is praised for its delicious flavors and variety. The service is described as prompt and friendly, although it can be difficult to get the attention of the staff at times. Specific menu items are highlighted as being tasty, such as the beef and monkfish liver.

The extensive menu and unique dishes make this restaurant worth a visit. Additionally, the atmosphere is described as resembling an authentic Japanese bar. Overall, this place comes recommended by a Japanese friend and is enjoyed by those who visit.

Food Rating
Good (Worth Trying)

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