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Here are the best eateries selling Thai Food based on users' ratings and reviews

The food at this restaurant is highly recommended by customers. The set meals are described as decent and tasty, with dishes like Clear Tom Yum soup, basil mince chicken meat, crispy fried kailan, and flavorful beef and mutton mix. The satay is highlighted as one of the best, being tender and juicy.

Other dishes like Thai seafood sambal fried kway teow, salted egg chicken kiap pau, and Tiga rasa fish fillet are also praised for their delicious flavors. Overall, the food is worth the price and customers enjoy the variety and quality of the dishes offered.
Food Rating
Good (Worth Trying)
The food at Sakon Thai is delicious and authentic, offering a variety of usual Thai dishes that are nicely done and flavorful. The spicy options are satisfying and make you sweat, just like a true Thai meal should. The green curry chicken is a standout dish, making diners feel like they are in Thailand.

The set menu options for lunch are affordable and easy on the pocket, with fast and efficient service from the attentive staff. Customers also appreciate the effort to offer vegetarian options and the overall pleasant dining experience.
Food Rating
Average (Can Try)
The food at The Basil Inn offers a slightly different taste compared to other Thai restaurants in the area, but it is still delicious and worth trying. The dishes are cooked by a real Thai chef, ensuring authenticity in the flavors. The kailan with pork belly rice dish is particularly noteworthy, tasting just like a dish from Bangkok.

The prices are acceptable and considered one of the cheapest options for authentic foreign cuisine in the area. Overall, the food is good, with some dishes tending to be on the sweeter side.
Food Rating
Average (Can Try)
The food at this establishment is generally great, with amazing seasonings and a wide variety of options to choose from. The mookata grills are new and the staff are attentive. The atmosphere is laid back and relaxing, making it a great place to enjoy a meal with friends or family.

The Thai Ice Milk Tea is a must-try and the prices are affordable. The chili sauces are excellent and dishes like Thai fish sausage, prawn paste, and fish noodles are recommended. Overall, the food is delicious and worth a visit.

Food Rating
Ok (Can Eat)
Bucketta Seafood is now open, offering a variety of dishes featuring lobsters, shrimps, crabs, mussels, and more. Customers can enjoy popular items such as steamed de-shelled flower crabs, steamed crab roe, and seafood bucket buffet. The restaurant also offers Thai-Western fusion dishes that combine ingredients and flavors from both cuisines. Visit Bucketta Seafood to experience a unique seafood dining experience.
Food Rating
Ok (Can Eat)

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