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311 New Upper Changi Road. Singapore 467360

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The food at this restaurant is popular among customers, as indicated by the high ratings. The sweet Martabak pancake is highly recommended for those with a sweet tooth, while the savory options left something to be desired. Despite some quality control issues, such as oily tables and dirty utensils, the food itself was satisfying.

The service was slow and could use improvement, but the prices were reasonable. The restaurant may not be worth returning to frequently due to the high prices and slightly underwhelming taste compared to authentic Indonesian cuisine. However, it is still worth trying for those interested in Asian desserts.

Overall, the food is satisfactory and capable of pleasing Singaporean taste buds.
Food Rating
Good (Worth Trying)
The food at this place has a good variety of options and tastes great. They offer seasonal promotional desserts that are well-liked, such as Aiyu Jelly with Crysanthemum and honey jelly pops. They also have a mango base combined with ai Yu jelly, which is highly recommended.

The place has limited seating, but it's definitely worth a visit if you enjoy Taiwanese desserts like bean curd, grass jelly, red bean, and yam.
Food Rating
Good (Worth Trying)
The food at this restaurant receives high praise from customers. Dishes such as the Brownie and Tiramisu pastries are described as superb, with the texture and taste being spot-on. The bingsu is highly appetizing and delicious.

The tea is of good quality, although one customer was slightly disappointed that the fruit tea was from a teabag. Aside from that, the food is top-notch and the portions are generous, satisfying customers' appetites.
Food Rating
Good (Worth Trying)
The food at Yole is described as delicious and worth the price. Customers love the selection of sauces, crunch, and fruits, with the white chocorock being a personal favorite. The staff is friendly and generous, offering customers the opportunity to try different flavors.

Overall, Yole is highly recommended for its tasty food and excellent service.
Food Rating
Good (Worth Trying)

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