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311 New Upper Changi Road. Singapore 467360

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Here are the best eateries selling Fast Food based on users' ratings and reviews

The food at this McDonald's branch has received mixed reviews. Some customers have mentioned issues with the portion sizes and price increases, specifically regarding the burger patties. However, other customers have praised the Double Quarter Pounder meal with an Americano, stating that it is the best option.

The fries paired with curry sauce are also mentioned as a great addition to a meal. Furthermore, the mobile app ordering system is appreciated for its convenience and the hot and delicious food. Although some customers mentioned that the hash browns were salty, they overall enjoyed the experience and appreciated the free upgrade of a hot beverage to an iced cafe latte.

The staff at this branch are described as helpful and friendly. While the atmosphere may not be the best due to some people hogging seats without eating, it is still considered a good McDonald's branch overall.
Food Rating
Good (Worth Trying)
The food at this restaurant offers a variety of options, including rice burgers and traditional burgers. They have unique and flavorful burgers that are not commonly found elsewhere, such as the MOS Cheese Burger with Chilli. The wagyu rice burger is a good choice, and the corn soup is consistently tasty.

The staff ensures that the food is served hot and the waiting time is acceptable. The restaurant also takes sanitation seriously, rotating and cleaning tables after each customer. Overall, the food is of top quality.

Food Rating
Average (Can Try)
The food at Jollibee is described as juicy, crunchy, and hot when served. The fried chicken is highly praised for its taste and texture. The spicy chicken is mentioned as being especially good.

The gravy is described as interesting, with mixed reviews among customers. The Nasi Lemak receives a rating of 3/5, but is redeemed by the juicy and crunchy Jollibee chicken. Overall, the food is considered awesome and cooked to perfection.

The environment is described as cosy and comfortable.
Food Rating
Ok (Can Eat)

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