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311 New Upper Changi Road. Singapore 467360

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The Boost at Bedok Mall offers a variety of tasty and flavorful juices. Their soy gym junkie is a customer favorite, with a hint of strawberry taste that complements the other ingredients. The friendly service provided by the staff, including a young girl who served one customer, adds to the overall pleasant experience.

The shop also provides seating areas for customers, making it a great alternative to bubble tea. Despite some service management issues mentioned in other reviews, the food itself is enjoyable.
Food Rating
Ok (Can Eat)
The food at this branch has a variety of options and is served by friendly and patient staff. The operating hours are clearly communicated by the staff, ensuring a pleasant experience. The fruit selection is available at 1pm, although there have been instances of unfriendly service by a specific staff member.

The fruits bought in the afternoon were not fresh and the service staff lacked courtesy and friendliness. The girl at the Bedok Mall location had an attitude problem and zero customer service mentality. Despite these negative experiences, the juice served lacks taste and flavor.

Food Rating
Ok (Can Eat)

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