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311 New Upper Changi Road. Singapore 467360

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The food at this establishment has a traditional flavor, with options for different levels of sweetness in the tea. The milk taste was light on the first day of the grand opening at the Bedok Mall outlet. Despite some slow service, the tea is of good quality.

The staff at certain outlets provide consistently good service, while others may not be as happy. Overall, the food is enjoyable and the staff is helpful, especially when it comes to suggesting sweetness levels for customers.
Food Rating
Great (Must Try)
The food at Koi Thè has received mixed reviews from customers. Some have mentioned slow service and issues with staff attitude, while others have praised the quality of the milk tea and the efforts made by the company towards environmental sustainability. Additionally, there have been complaints about delayed orders and the taste of the milk teas being mediocre.

Overall, customers have provided feedback highlighting both positive and negative aspects of the food at Koi Thè.
Food Rating
Average (Can Try)
The food at LiHo has a wide variety of options and is easily accessible at their B2 location. Customers appreciate the alternative milk options, such as oat milk, and enjoy the oat lattes. The staff at this branch also provide reminders about membership points, which customers are looking forward to using in the future.

However, some comments suggest that there may be inconsistencies in service quality across different branches, with occasional issues regarding mobile orders and staff behavior. Overall, LiHo offers a diverse menu with appealing options like oat milk and attentive staff at certain branches.
Food Rating
Average (Can Try)
Mr Coconut offers a variety of flavors in their drinks, including the classic Coconut Shake, Coconut Banana Shake, and Bubble Coconut Series. Customers appreciate the efficiency of their ordering process, where they can order via a device and receive a number for collection. The food is described as creamy, fresh, and intensely coconutty, thanks to the use of young Thai coconuts known for their nutty and sweet flavor.

The staff is friendly and helpful, guiding first-timers through the ordering process. During peak hours, there may be a slightly longer wait, but overall the service is fast and efficient.
Food Rating
Average (Can Try)

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